Getting the Most ROI on Home Renovations

A question you should always ask yourself when you decide to list your home for sale is, "how can I add value to increase my list price?" and make my house appeal to a bigger audience?". Adding value through cosmetic updates to your house can significantly increase your overall list price in many ways. While some projects are major and others are minor, it's important for the seller to know what's a realistic outcome before putting money into any type of renovation. The idea

All About Highland Park

Located in the San Rafael Hills along the Arroyo Seco, Highland Park is part of the NELA (North East Los Angeles) region, with close proximity to downtown Los Angeles. Attractions including the Heritage Square Museum, Highland Park Bowl, and Highland Theaters have been mainstays in the neighborhood for decades, and continue to be a backbone in the community. An artist's mecca since last century, the area borders Pasadena, Eagle Rock, Mount Washington, and Montecito Heights. W

Can Your Home Ever Be Too Safe?

This is a great question to ask when looking to purchase, or if you currently own real estate. For many people, a primary residence is the largest investment an individual or family will make. As we are trending towards smart homes in the blink of an eye, there are many useful products such as Nest, Ring, and Simply Safe that are reassuring people no matter how far from home they may be. Door locks, garage door openers, surveillance cameras, lights, and CO2 detectors and more